Txistorra (Chistorra)
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Txistorra (Chistorra)

Packaging: 2.5 Kg Bag
Australian Product: La Boqueria
Price per Unit (Bag): Call for Pricing
Number Bags in packaging:14
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Txistorra (Basque)

Chistorra is the most famous sausage from Spain’s Basque region. Keeping to the authentic recipe, it is made 50 centimetres long from Australian pork leg and a high percentage of pork belly in a natural

24 mm sheep casing. It is flavoured with garlic, salt, and paprika De La Vera, giving it a bright red colour and a smoky note.


Recipe Notes

Conventional Txistorra dish

-Grilled txistorra served sectioned in smaller pieces as a Tapa

-Fried sections, finished in a cazuela with a drizzle of cider

Unconventional Txistorra dish

-Grilled txistorra sections, chargrilled octopus tentacles,red and white witlof, Marcona almonds with a punchy salsa verde drizzle

Tasting Notes


•             Vivid red colour and overall rustic appearance

•             Once cooked and portioned it bursts with explosive pockets of sweet paprika flavoured juices


•             Initial good texture under tooth from coarse and even grind of pork belly, leg, and neck

•             Lasting medium to firm texture strength derived from the pork belly

•             Intensely juicy


•             More sweet than savoury with medium paprika Smokey notes

•             Long-lasting and subtle sweet porky notes


•             2 x spiral layers of 7 Chistorra 2.5kg approximately.