Cheese - Azul de Valdeon Whole Wheel

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Valdeón cheese is an 'Indicación Geográfica Protegida' blue cheese produced in the province of León, in the heart of the Valle de Valdeón in the Picos de Europa.

This Cheese is only made in the "Picos de Europa" region by the cheese making company : Queserias Picois de Europa. It is made with goat’s milk or cow’s or a mixture of both and matured in caves. It has a very strong flavour and high fat content, and is slightly yellow with a soft texture. It's a rich and creamy cheese, milder that other blues from the area, with an excellent sweetness and tang and a nice earthiness at the ending. It is traditionally wrapped in aluminum foil, to preserve it and maintain the humidity level.

Whole wheel Average weight 2.8kg

Origin - Spain