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Pedro Ximenez grape aged for 25 years in antique American oak barrels; strong mahogany colour, soft sweet and sour flavours, very aromatic

250 ml bottle

Origin - Spain

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Balsamico Vinegar from Pedro Ximénez grape “Grand Reserve 25” aged in oak American barrels.

The base wines used to produce this vinegar is sound and has been previously selected by tasting and analytical report and declared suitable to enter in the production of our vinegars, however, it would be also needed to stabilize and filter them according to certain specifications.

One part of the vinegar comes from an ancient Solera – A fixed lot of vinegar stored in American oak barrels -, of which 6º of acetic, out of the normal content of 10º, were obtained within the barrel during years by natural action of the “acetobacterium”, which transform the wine alcohol into acetic acid. Each degree of alcohol is equivalent to one degree of acetic acid. The still remained alcohol was transformed by oxygenating the existing product into an old base vinegar very rich in “acetobacterium” until it reach 10º acetic, being the remained alcohol at this stage less than 0,5º. The vinegar is then stored back to barrels until it reached the necessary characteristic to be traded according to the product standards. The other part to complete the vinegar is a younger vinegar from Pedro Ximénez raisins grapes concentrated must in which the total acetic acid was obtained by the oxygenating procedure, and matured, as well in American oak barrels at least 25 years aged. Both parts are pumped from the barrels and blended. Finally it is filtered and bottle under sterile conditions.


QUALITATIVE: Wine Vinegar, concentrates, contains naturally sulfites.


3         TASTING

Pedro Ximénez sweet and sour vinegar is pressed from the rich late-harvest Pedro Ximénez grapes grown in south of Spain. This exceptional “Gran Reserva” vinegar is aged in American oak barrels. Use to add a rich, fruity flavour to all dressings and marinades. To create a fruity sauce, deglaze skillet of sautéed shrimp, scallops or beef and whisk in a dollop of crème fraîche.