Longaniza Oscura

La Boqueria Oscura Seca

One of the most popular small-goods in Spain is reincarnated in Barcelona and brought back to Australia. This iconic embutido made from Australian pork leg and back-fat is now deeply coloured and gently flavoured with squid ink.
Australian Product
La Boqueria

Product notes

Conventional Longaniza Oscura - (Squid ink Salami)

-Thickly sliced, served in a mix charcuteria plate or on its own, with pickled guindilla chillies


Tasting Notes


•             Vivid marble colours

•             Firm and smooth skin profile.


•             Firm texture, best when sliced medium thick

•             Burst undertooth of sweet backfat


•             Balanced towards sweet rather than savoury with subtle herb and strong back-fat

•             Long-lasting and subtle sweet porky notes developing into a salty end note.


Interstate Distributors

Shoalhaven flavours
Canberra, Southern Highlands, Illawarra and South Coast