Cantabric Anchovies

Don Bocarte Cantabric Anchovies 48g

6 to 8 Fillets of Traditionally manufactured Cantabric Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive oil. 48g. tin.
Arguably the best anchovy available in Australia.

The very best Cantabric Anchovy out of Spain. This food service selected anchovy is sweet and plump and delivers a long flavour profile, low in salt. The extra virgin olive oil is delicate creating a neutral background for this outstanding anchovy


Don Bocarte Anchovy production process

raw material
The period for catching top-quality sardines on the Bay of Biscay is April, May and June, which is when Don Bocarte purchases the highly prized fish.



Don Bocarte carries out this process as quickly as possible, so that the anchovy takes on the right amount of salt which is essential for its presentation.


Having salted the anchovy it is gutted and the head is removed for subsequent packing.


The fish are placed in 3-litre containers in the form of fans, with a layer of salt on each level.


pressing and maturing
The purpose of the presses is to remove fat from the anchovy so that the fish can begin maturing. In maturing cellars, the fish will be salted for a minimum of 8 months, during which time the temperature and humidity are controlled in order to achieve the characteristic aromas of the Don Bocarte anchovies.


cleaning and filleting
Once the salted fish has obtained its characteristic bouquet and aromas, the anchovy is then manually cleaned. It is then taken to the filleting room to finish the process by leaving the anchovies completely clean, bringing out their best appearance and texture.


Quality control


The Bay of Biscay

The Bay of Biscay is a wild open sea exposed to heavy swell. Its waters are influenced by the Gulf Stream, varying the salinity and the temperature at different times of the year.
With its variation, the characteristics of the fish and even the species that are caught varies.
The key moment in the history of Santoña's canning industry was in 1880, when the Italian citizen Vella Scaliota settled in the town, a merchant, military and fishing port of great historical renown.
On the basis of local salting methods and after experimenting with various recipes using butters and other fats, Scaliota found olive oil to be the perfect condiment for setting off the flavour and texture of the fish, which was first gently cleaned and filleted.
This exquisite invention, which differentiated and gave a new value to the fruits of the Santoña fisherman's labour, was soon consolidated as one of the town's most prosperous industries. Although the tradition was later extended to other ports on the Bay of Biscay, the "Santoña anchovy" is the anchovy par excellence, and the town's traditionally prepared fish is the most famous.





Anchoa negra Don Bocarte, peperoni y mozzarella "quemada"
Black anchovies Don Bocarte, peperoni and mozzarella "burnt"

CHEF; Elio Sironi

RESTAURANT: Ceresio 7 / Milan




Sabor de casa y anchoa Don Bocarte
Taste of home and anchovy Don Bocarte

CHEF: Angelo Mancuso and Giovanni Filomeno

RESTAURANT: The Stage / Milan

For sabayon: 240 g of pasteurized egg, 100 g of sugar, 50 g of san marzano liquor, 100 g of dried figs, 100 g of butter in ointment, 7.5 g of gelatin in foil, 2 g of powdered spirulina.
For yellow pepper: 120 g yellow pepper, 20 g leek, 60 g pink pepper, 30 g lime juice, 120 g milk uth, 70 g salt crackers, 100 g mayonnaise, 100 g juice Of lime, 500 gr of bread of altamura, 100 gr almond toasted chopped, anchovies Don Bocarte, 1 mz of chervil.



Pan crocante con tinta de sepia, mantequilla, limón, bottarga de mule y anchoa Don Bocarte

 Crunchy bread with sepia ink, butter, lemon, bottarga de mule and anchovy Don Bocarte

CHEF: Stefano Grandi

RESTAURANT: Il Santa / Milan



Tosta de pan, mantequilla y anchoa Don Bocarte
Buttered toast and Don Bocarte Anchovy

CHEF: Sergio Mei

RESTAURANT: La Veranda, Four Seasons Hotel Milan

INGREDIENTS: 4 fillets of anchovies Don bocarte, 4 crostini of focaccia, 20 gr of soft butter, 10 gr of roasted piquillo peppers and lemon juice.

PREPARATION: add a few drops of lemon juice to the piquillo pepper. Place the pepper on the focaccia with a pastry sleeve and place the anchovy on top.