Losada Carmona Olive Mix 198g

Mixed Olives in a natural brine - A combination of olives from the Carmona region. Gordal, Verdial, Cornicabra, Zoraleña, and Cuquillo.

Natural Brine Curing: Turning Colour Olives
The Natural brine style is done using just a salt solution to debitter and ferment the olives.

After harvest, the olives are processed by natural fermentation in a 8-10% salt solution for 3-12 months.
This process best represents the true taste of the fruit, you will notice slight differences in ripeness, and a more natural colour.

Natural olives in Brine are relatively firm and smooth with a glossy skin.

The finished product retains some fruity and nice bitter flavours.

Zorzaleña LosadaVerdial LosadaGordal Losada

Cornicabra LosadaCuquillo Losada

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