Salsa Espinaler

Catalonia's iconic salsa since the 1950's, available in Original and Picante

It was in the 1950s, when Joan Tapias was at the forefront of the Espinaler, when his wife, Ventureta Roldós, created a sauce to dress the Galician shellfish preserves that were served in the ‘Taberna’. Ventureta, well-known in the village as a great lover of cuisine, gathered together the best ingredients to make Espinaler sauce: top-quality wine vinegar, black pepper red pepper and a selection of spices that she never reveals.
The result: a unique sauce that some people have tried to copy but none have achieved. With this product, Espinaler has become an icon around Catalonia.

Shortly after the sauce begun to be served in the tavern, the regular clients begun to ask them to sell it in bulk so they could take it home. The business vision of Miquel Tapias (4th generation of the family) meant that in around the 1980s the sauce began to be marketed in 92 ml bottle format with the well-known yellow label and red lettering.




Elaborated with high quality ingredients. Made with vinegar-based, red paprika and spices. The best aperitif sauce in the world. We fabricate it since 1950


                                     SALSA ESPINALER PICANTE

The spicy sauce is made from the Espinaler traditional sauce with cayenne pepper. It is perfect to dress the appetizers of spicy lovers. It is also an excellent fit for crisps, olives, canned food, whitebait or anchovies…




If Espinaler sauce was created as the perfect complement to shellfish preserves, crisps and olives, today consumers of Espinaler confess that they use it for many other things: on salads, on baked cod, on fried eggs, in gazpacho, on potato omelette, with ‘calamares’ in batter, anchovies and even in red vermouth! And a long so on…


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