At Nomad Distribution we are specialists in quality Spanish food. We are the largest single source of Spanish food products in Australia. We either import or in cases where this is not possible, we manufacture using traditional recipes. Our team at Nomad comes from the food industry and coupled with the focus for client service culture in our company, we strive to be the most comprehensive source for the best produce and culinary knowledge out of Spain.

La Boqueria logo The need for us to represent Spain in all its glory drove us to manufacture a range of Charcuteria under the brand La Boqueria. This is the story how La Boqueria came to be:

“There may be over seventeen thousand kilometres between Australia and Spain, but just like its Barcelona namesake, La Boqueria Smallgoods is a collection of produce dedicated to authenticity, prime ingredients and of course, flavour. Unlike the iconic La Rambla institution though, this La Boqueria has been created right here in Australia.

Now over 15 years ago, after two years of testing traditional recipes collected from artisan producers and family connections (because in Spain, it’s always who you know), we were able to begin to produce artisanal charcuteria. We now have over 50 varieties of smallgoods that combine prime Australian produce with authentic Spanish spices. This is La Boqueria.

Already available in a host of restaurants, bars, cafes, butchers and grocery stores around the country. The range includes specialities from each region of Spain including Andaluzian Morcilla, Mallorcan Sobrassada and Papada de Cerdo (pork jowl), as well as killer varieties of Chorizo and Longaniza and more.

“On one of my trips back to Spain, I spent time with a supplier, whose family have been making traditional smallgoods for almost 100 years. When I came back, I was consumed with trying to replicate that kind of quality and flavour using fresh Australian ingredients alongside the paprika we bring back. Each year, I travel back to Guijuelo and to Olot, in central Catalunia to learn more about my ancestral smallgoods heritage. I wanted to be able to present that kind of passion and authenticity in a well rounded collection of Spanish smallgoods...and I believe I’ve done that in La Boqueria.”

– Emile Gomez