Paddock to Plate WA

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At Paddock to Plate WA they like to do things slowly. They follow the centuries old traditional method of smoking their meats with real wood. The local, free range pork is dry cured without using chemical nitrates.

The result is a rich, 100% natural, full flavoured bacon and ham.


The Paddock to Plate WA bacon and hams are cured using natural vegetable extract. This means they don’t add chemical nitrate – usually called Preservative 250 or sodium nitrate 250 – to help preserve the meat and maintain the pink colour.

Nitrates occur naturally in many vegetables, such as celery and broccoli and this is where we consume most of them. Replacing the chemical nitrate with vegetable extracts means they use the smallest amount of nitrate, and in a natural form. There are currently no processed meats available in Australia which are completely nitrate free.


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