A great paella recipe for 6 people including chicken, pork and seafood.


  • 1.3 ltr ANETO Chicken Broth
  • ½ tsp PINA saffron threads – crumbled
  • 600 gr. boneless chicken breasts cut into strips, the thigh fillets with bone left in or wings with the tip removed and the rest cut in half at joint.
  • 300gr Pork Neck
  • ½ cup of Olive Oil
  • 200g La Boqueria Chorizo, cut into ½ cm slices
  • 300g medium Green Prawns
  • 690 gr. of Paella rice either Bomba or Bahia or Cebolla rice
  • 8 Tbs chopped Parsley
  • 300 gr of peas (1 ½ cups) Green Peas
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 350 grams Mussels in the shell
  • 300 gr. Calamari
  • Pimenton Sweet smoked
  • 1 Tbsp of tomato paste for soffrito
  • 2 x Lemons
  • 150 gr marinated peppers – seeded and sliced
  • Salt to Taste.
  • Dry Spanish Sherry



Heat broth with saffron and whole onion, cover, reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins. Remove onion and measure broth.

Prepare the chosen cut of Chicken and set aside.

Heat oil in paella pan, add a little chorizo, add the chicken and fry for about 10 mins (until coloured) and remove from pan. Add pork neck and panfry until nicely colourer, take off pan and put aside. Add prawns and a little more oil if needed and toss until coloured. Remove prawns from pan and put aside. Add a little oil and wait till pan comes to the right temperature and toss in the Calamari, toss it around the pan quickly, remove and put aside.

Now we will make the Soffrito:

Add a little more oil and then the rest of the garlic and char-grilled peppers. Sauté them until wilted and add a table spoon of tomato paste and the chopped parsley. Reduce the Soffrito until it has become a paste. Add the Calamary, the rest of the Chorizo, the pork and chicken, the peas and the rice. Spread it all evenly and let it fry for 2 minutes. If you wish you can add a splash of Sherry now.

Pour in the broth that you have kept warm. (this is done slowly to not disturb the rice). Lay mussels in the pan, embedding them into the rice so they point upwards, out of the pan.

Now is the time to Check for salt. Add to taste.

Cook for 5 minutes and then add prawns in a even pattern. Now you should see the outline of the rice rising out of the liquid and it is time to sprinkle the Picada. Do not mix it in. Add the marinated strips in a decorative pattern. Reduce temperature to medium heat and cook until water has almost totally been absorbed.

When rice is aldente, turn off flame and cover with damp tea towel or foil and let it rest for 10 mins.

Serve with lemon slices


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