Vinegar - Toro Albala - PX Arrope 500ml

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Arrope - A syrup obtained from concentration and evaporation of Pedro Ximenez grapes - 500ml - Toro Albala pedro ximenez vinegar.

500ml bottle

Origin - Spain

This syrup is a product derived from Pedro Ximenez grapes of which the juices are boiled and concentrated in a copper boiler. Approximately 10 Litres of Pedro Ximenez extract reduces to 2 litres of this wonderful reduction.
As Plinio from Toro Albala said, "Romans would call it SAPA".
It differs from honey and syrup because of its intense colour, smoked aroma and its distinct sweet, bitter and acid taste. This syrup is fine to go with any culinary dish, and it is perfect for cooking. Perfect for cakes and icecream.