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Handcrafted Preserves, Jalancina Dried figs re-hydrated with rosé wine D.O. Utiel-Requena, sugar, cinnamon and cloves.

Origin - Spain

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Figs in Rosé wine with a touch of cinnamon.  After three generations of craftsmanship and care of the prestige of its recognized quality brand, the company La Jalancina still enjoys today its status as a producer of gourmet foods. Delicious pickled figs in rosé wine produced by one of the best food canning companies in the region with the best fruit grown in dryland farming, which is harvested only in its best condition. First quality raw materials canned in a glass jar; fruit, which has been processed with attention to detail and accuracy producing only small daily quantities.


1922, when Antonio García Cerdán founded the Jalance factory, a company dedicated to the treatment and sale of fruit. During these years, the founder was in charge of sending peach to the Conservera Union and Arrocera (U.C.A.S.A.), an association that owned several factories in Valencia.

Years later, in 1965, his son, Carlos García Rubio acquires U.C.A.SA property, officially starting the company of La Jalancina. It is at this time when the company adds to its star product, the peach in syrup, other fruits like the pear in syrup, or on the other hand vegetables such as the mushroom.


Jalancina handcrafted preserves elaboration process is based on three fundamental aspects: CARE, CRAFTS AND DETAIL. Under these premises they are responsible, firstly, to select the best fruit from collaborating crops that are dedicated to the sowing of fresh fruit for the market, analyzed in depth the caliber, degree of maturity and texture