Spanish Cheese: More Than Just Manchego

When you think of cheese, you may think of countries like Italy or France. However, Spain is home to just as diverse a kaleidoscope of delicious, milky, cheesy goodness.

Are you tired of the same old cheddar or brie? Get ready to expand your horizons and tantalise your taste buds with the diverse and delicious world of Spanish cheese. From the fresh and tangy Garrotxa semicurat to the savoury Galmesán, there's a Spanish cheese for everyone. And let's not forget the amazing health benefits of eating these tasty treats.

Grab your favourite wine pairing and discover these delicious Spanish cheeses.

Garrotxa Semicurat

Buttery, fresh-tasting beneficial goat’s cheese has been made for centuries in the Moianès region of Cataluña. Garrotxa semicurat goats cheese has an intensely fresh flavour, almost acidic, with a fantastic aroma to go with it. This goats cheese also has a smooth, buttery texture.

If the amazing, unique taste of Garrotxa semicurat goats cheese isn’t enough to get you hooked, just look at some of the amazing health benefits of eating goats cheese. Not only does it contain the short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids that can ease stress symptoms like indigestion, constipation and eczema, but goats cheese also has been found to have anti-cholesterol properties, as well as goat’s milk being more digestible thanks to its natural homogenisation and almost alkaline pH.


Idiazabal is a traditional farmhouse sheep cheese made from raw Northern Spain Laxta or Carranza sheep milk named after the village of Idiazabal. The sheep head to the higher pastures in summer to graze on the new grass. This is when the cheesemakers milk the sheep and create our favourite Idiazabal cheese. They then leave this sheep cheese in the rafters for two months minimum to mature. Then, at the end of summer, the cheese makers return to the lowlands with their sheep and ripe Idiazabal sheep cheese, ready to sell.

Manchego Queso de Oveja

Another sheep cheese, Manchego Queso de Oveja, is produced directly in La Mancha from the milk of the Manchega sheep. Firm, smooth and creamy in texture, Manchego Queso de Oveja captivates the palate with a harmonious blend of textures and tastes.

Piment d’Espelette

Sheep cheese from Spain isn’t just Manchego! This sheep cheese comes from the French Basque country and has been cured for 5 months. But the mature, cured flavour isn’t the only unique thing about this sheep cheese - this sheep cheese is also infused with the fruity, spicy taste of Espelette peppers.

Aged Manchego

If you haven’t found Manchego sheep cheese tasty enough, wait until you try aged Manchego. While standard manchego cheese is aged for only 3 months; this particular cheese is aged for 12 months, which explains its crumbly texture and deep, zesty flavour. 

Though the Manchega sheep graze in harsh, dry, stubbly brush fields, there’s nothing rough about their cheese! Manchega sheep cheese is surprisingly rich, with up to 57% fat content. This explains the cheese’s creamy taste.


If you like Parmesan, you will love Galmesán. A handmade, long-maturing, hard-cooked Spanish cheese, Galmesán is rich and savoury with fruity notes. This hard Spanish cheese’s unique flavour is thanks to the lactic flora it uses during pasteurisation, naturally present in the grazing Galician cows’ milk.

Quince Paste

Sure, you can enjoy the unrivalled flavour of delicious Spanish cheeses by themselves. But some pairings simply enhance the flavour of Spanish cheese, and quince paste is one of them.

A citrus-like fruit, though not as sharp as a lemon itself, quince is traditionally eaten alongside Manchego cheese. Versatile, this knobbly, apple-like fruit paste works well in salads, canapés or creative desserts.

Not only are quince pastes delicious, but quince also hosts a range of health benefits. The fruit’s abundant natural fibre can help prevent intestinal disorders. At the same time, its iron, potassium and phosphorus can help keep your bones and muscles in tip-top condition. It’s also got immune-boosting vitamin C, which helps you absorb the fruit’s iron, and quince’s soluble fibre can help lower cholesterol levels, too!

The world of Spanish cheese is a hidden gem that you should explore. With so many different varieties, from Garrotxa sheep cheese to Galmesán cow’s cheese, there is something for every cheese lover in Spanish cheese. Whether you're enjoying a quiet night in with a glass of wine or hosting a party with friends, add some Spanish cheese to your menu and experience the delicious, milky, cheesy goodness Spain offers!

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