Garrotxa semicurat- ( Semi cured Goat's Cheese)

Garrotxa (Goat milk cheese), was almost extinct in the 80s but was revived by Catalonian young guns in cheese making in the Moianès region of Cataluña.
Cataluña - Spain

- ( Semi cured Goat's Cheese)Exquisite cheese, continuing a tradition that has been maintained for centuries in the area surrounding Mas Montbrú in the Moianès region of Cataluña



TASTING NOTE: Intense, fresh and slightly citric flavour, buttery texture and intense aroma. Good aroma-taste balance.


1.ANTI-STRESS. Goat's milk alleviates symptoms associated with stress such as insomnia, constipation, indigestion, migraines and eczema. This is due to the medical and nutritional properties of the short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids of goat's milk.
2.ANTI-CHOLESTEROL. The consumption of goat's milk reduces total cholesterol and the LDL fraction thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids (caproic, caprylic and capric acids).
3.NUTRITIONAL AND HEALTHY FOOD. Goat's milk is considered a functional food thanks to its health-giving properties. The superior digestibility of goat's milk is due to its natural homogenization of fat globules, which are small and have a large surface area, enabling them to be broken down by enzymes more easily than those of other types of milk.
4.ALTERNATIVE TO COW'S MILK. Goat's milk is an alternative to cow's milk for those with digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, acidity and liver or gallbladder problems. Goat's milk is an almost alkaline milk (with a pH of 6.7) and is highly digestible.