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Pedro Ximenez grape aged for 12 years in antique American oak barrels; sweet and sour vinegar, very aromatic full of nuances reminiscing of dates & figs.

750ml bottle

Origin - Spain

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This vinegar is made using the 8 years aged Solera vinegar as base, adding a younger vinegar from “Pedro Ximénez” grapes and aged for over 12 years in barrels of American oak.


Total Acidity: 6º (In acetic acid)

Grape variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez

Estimated age: Over 12 years


Extremely dark in colour, rich in nuances. A remarkably aromatic and fruity vinegar, with all the flavour of its ageing American oak, as well as an aroma of walnuts, raisins, dates and figs. The result is a sweet flavour with pleasant aftertaste. A surprising vinegar that comprises an unusual range of sensations.


An indispensable condiment for all types of meat, as well as for preparing sauces. Also ideal for sweet salads. In dressing it gives surprising results with strawberries and little sugar, and a few drops add highly original touch to any ice cream.