Azul Peñacorada

Penacorada (Peñacorada) is an blue cheese produced in the province of Castilla-León, in the heart of the Valle de Valdeón in the Picos de Europa.
Spain - Castilla-Leon

The Azul Peñacorada is made in "Picos de Europa", the mountainous Peñacorada region of Castilla-Leon.

Using pasteurised milk from the Asturias and Cantabria cows, it is aged for two to four months wrapped in sycamore leaves, the natural leaves of the plane tree.

Matured in the limestone caves of the Picos de Europa with it's high humidity allowing for the the Pencillium fungus to develop. The recipe for the Peñacorada is similar to it's regional blue neighbours, Cabrales and Valdeon, but with a softer buttery, sweeter flavour note. The high fat content delivers a soft rich texture, creamy, crumbly and fudgy, with heavy bluing throughout and crystalization within the blue-gray cavities. The rich structure mellows the blue's typical piquant notes and allowing for a caramel, smokey peppery notes to shine through.