Hand Made Goat Cheese and Pimenton

Cabra al Pimenton - ( Semi cured Goat's Cheese)

Hand Made Goat Cheese and Pimenton - HM Goat Cheese is a perfect balance of creamy and acidic notes. It is covered with the classic coating of Pimenton (paprika)
Spain (Alicante)

This cheese is made from 100% pasteurized goat milk from the best breeds of Castilla - La Mancha. It has been produced in accordance with the methods used in traditional farms, using enzymatic curd but without pressing the pasta. By following this method of production, we manage to keep intact in cheese all properties of milk as well as a solid structure of the curd. This makes for a completely different cheese due to its complexion and its pleasant and intense flavor. This artisanal cheese is cured as it used to in the old days of grazing.