Mahon Curado - Cave Matured - Raw Milk

Mahon Curado - Cave Matured - Raw Milk

Natural cave matured cheese for 11+ months.
Rubbed with olive oil. Extraordinary long flavour notes,
sweet, aromatic lacking acidity.
Spain - Menorca

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Mahon Curado Cave Matured, is made from unpasteurized milk, the form is made by bagging the curd in a cotton cloth called "fogasser" and suspending it by its four ends. Then it is placed on a table and next procedure is to eliminate the whey and to give cohesion to the mass by manual pressure, tying it with a cord called "lligam".  Then, the piece is placed in a press and when removed, a drawing called "mamaella" is embossed on the top part of the piece. This originates from the folds of the cloth and bundle.The piece is then placed in brine and subsequently transfered to airing rooms where it is aired and where the superficial flora development begins. Thereafter it can be transfered to the maturation cellar. Geoclimatic factors: soil characteristics, temperature, humidity, light, etc, together with the human element, the production process and traditional maturing practices, condition in a determinating way the final characteristics, the aroma and taste of Mahón-Menorca cheese.

Control Board has a Protected Designation of Origin and is made exclusively on the island of Menorca in Spain , according to tradition and rules contained in the regulations of the DOP. A product with "Denominación d'Origen Protegida"  D.O.P. wich stands for Protected Guarantee of Origin and Quality, is a product intimately tied to the geographical area in which it is produced.  In 1985 it was awarded, definitively, the appellation Mahon cheese and then in the year 1998 , the word was added to the Covered Menorca cheese, which was renamed Mahon-Menorca. Cheese is and has been a flagship product of Menorca. It is made on the island with cow milk curd at low temperature, is salted and cured by immersion according to the custom of the island. Its development responds to ancestral traditions, one of the pillars on which rests a part of history and culinary tradition of livestock and Menorca. 


The history of cheese-making on the island goes back a very long time, including prehistory, according to archeological finds of ceramic tools used for its production and dating back to 3,000 B.C. There exists documentation written in the 5th century A.D. that refers to cheese consumption on the Island. There also exist Arabic documents dating back to the year 1,000 that praise the excellence of Menorcan cheese.

The "formatjat" or production process of Mahón-Menorca cheese has remained unchanged for a very long time in all the Menorcan "llocs" (farm-houses) where very old practices have been followed. Overall it is determined by a series of procedures that have been handed down from father to son and the correct application of these procedures define and are the source of authentic Mahón-Menorca cheese. Recently, some advisable modifications have been incorporated as a result of technological advances. The maturing process of Mahón-Menorca cheese is carried out in the maturing cellars, where the cheese is subjected to the traditional rind treatment, consisting of a series of turning the forms over and spreading oil and/or pepper over the forms.