Mezcla Semi Curado Artisan

Hailing from La Mancha region of Spain this young 3 month aged mixed cheese is made from 80% cow, 10% goat and 10% sheep milk.
Spain - La Mancha

Mezcla Semi Curado Artisan Raw Milk cheese manufactured in the province of Toledo. The variety of vegetation and aromatic plants in the region, provide milk peculiar characteristics, which are reflected in the taste of cheese. It’s piquant with mild grassy notes and creamy and smooth in texture.

Gold medal winner Class 5501 World Cheese Awards 2018



 QUESOS ARTESANOS HECHOS A MANO, S.L. MORA (TOLEDO) Quesos HM has been producing cheese for three generations. Located in the area of "la Mancha" in Spain, in the province of Toledo.