Queso de Oveja ArtesanoQueso de Oveja Artesano

Raw Sheep's milk cheese in Olive Oil & Rosemary - Hand Made

Queso Oveja en aceite y romero (Raw Milk sheep cheese in Olive Oil & Rosemary)
Hand Made from raw sheep's milk, Queso de Oveja Artesano is matured for 10 months +, after which, the cheese is submerged in olive oil and rosemary and left to absorb the flavours and fragrance.
Spain - La Mancha


La Tradicion' HM Manchego bears the obligatory Denomination of Origin label. Elaborated from ewe's milk in the heart of La Mancha region of Spain. Hand made sheep's milk cheese in artisan style. 

QUESOS ARTESANOS HECHOS A MANO, S.L. MORA (TOLEDO) Quesos HM has been producing cheese for three generations. Located in the area of "la Mancha" in Spain, in the province of Toledo.



Milk: Ewe's Milk
Characteristics: Aromatic, persisting presence of olive oil and rosemary notes, with similar texture characteristic to manchego, delicate with a soft crumbly feel.

Uses: Stand alone with bread. Or serve solo as a snack or with fruit for dessert.